Software Developer Mentor

The main purpose of this position is to provide continuous mentorship, support, coaching and review of interns by building skills, knowledge and experience which allows for workplace readiness to build a recruitment pipeline of candidates of quality.

Through focused hands-on approach with real projects, different solution and technology will be worked on to serve as consideration in the group Technology Radar, working closely with the Product Owner.

The AppFactory Project Team consists of the Mentor and up to 7 interns.
This role devotes 100% (one hundred percent) of their time to the AppFactory Programme and the interns. The Mentor shall not perform any other work other than work in relation to AppFactory Programme.

Key Responsibilities (KPA’s)
Team Mentorship
• Sourcing, interviewing and recruiting interns for the AppFactory Programme.
• Manage and oversee Quality Assurance of of deliverables
• Address Interns development goals and performance reviews
• Train and supervise interns on development processes and tools in software development
• Provide advise and mentorship to Interns developing MVPs by providing opportunities to simulate real delivery
• Assist the Interns with drawing up their curriculum vitae, building their developer profiles and preparing for interviews for job opportunities and seeking possible job opportunities internally or externally for the employment of the Interns
• Efficiently manage day to day team and people operations, e.g. leave, etc

• Drive timely upkeep of progress on the relevant KanBan board
• Refine POCs delivered by monthly Hackathon Days as approved by Architecture Team
• Assist relevant Technical Leads to determine if a POC is valid for adoption into group suite of systems.
• Help determine continued investments or termination of POCs
• Create and maintain suitable MVP testing frameworks

• Drive documentation of learnings on the relevant wiki
• Report monthly status to Exco and Microsoft AppFactory manager

• Relevant software development certificate or degree
• Experienced and knowledgeable developer with with sufficient and suitable experience in the coding and software development sector using relevant Microsoft Technologies, with minimum 2 years experience.
• Passion for teaching and mentorship

Job Scorecard (KPI’s)
o Intern Work-Readiness
o Team Administration
o MVP throughput time
o Number of Non-Viable Assessments
o Number of Ideas Adopted
o Code Coverage
o Frequently updated documentation of status to Exco and Microsoft AppFactory Manager

Please note that the list of responsibilities provided above is a summary of the duties that this job consists of. The incumbent therefore agrees and makes a commitment to perform any and all such activities, which may be required to attain and achieve the performance criteria for this job.

So who are we and what's our culture like?

Our team members share:

  • an appetite for the satisfaction of a tough technical problem solved.
  • an insatiable curiosity for all things tech.
  • an unlimited capacity to learn with equal parts brilliance and humbleness.
  • a need for adaptable and agile methods (and thinking).
  • a preference for the exciting opportunities presented by a start-up and small-team environment.
  • and most importantly a disapproval of dullness.

What do we offer? 

  • Remote working
  • Great Azure PaaS Learning and Training
  • Collaborative, supportive and positive working environment
  • Artisan Coffee
  • Flexible working hours
  • High spec laptops and devices
  • Global clients
  • Relaxed dress code
  • Mulligan Days
  • Hack Days
  • On The Spot Awards

You almost there. One last thing - check out our Culture video if you would like to get a sense of who we are;

If you meet all the requirements and you like us then the last step is to send us your CV, because we would like to get to know you!

We are a group of Agile thinkers that challenge each other to unlock our own and our client’s infinite potential. Nebula offers a unique set of next generation technology solutions to give your organisation enhanced capability to manage and optimise your entire telecoms environment spend usage and performance.