Software Developer


- prioritise your own learning

- passionate about solving complex problems with an array of engineering techniques

- are versatile and think outside the box

- display leadership qualities and are enthusiastic about taking on new problems

- take time to listen deeply before acting

- aren't afraid to address challenging issues directly, with compassion

- lead through inspiration not coercion and create space for others to lead

- are comfortable with radical transparency

- are comfortable being uncomfortable; change is constant at Zappi

- are humble and honest


- listen carefully to each other and to our customers

- believe anyone can achieve great things; we don’t put people in boxes

- promote experimentation and freedom of expression whether it is with new engineering practices, new technologies or new cultural and working practices

- fundamentally trust each other

- leave our egos at the door

- aren't afraid to fail

- want to have a positive impact on the planet and our communities

Zappi is an equal opportunities employer; our diversity is a major strength. We maintain a constant dialogue with our teams and wider communities about how we can become a more inclusive place to work.

Role Activities and Responsibilities:

As a Zappi developer the role is what you make of it. While you will have experts to ask advice from where necessary, and with your team you will have a high degree of influence on design and implementation decisions. You will almost certainly work across different programming languages and technologies, building and sharing knowledge with your colleagues as you progress.

You will be a developer with an active role in an Agile development team participating in PBRs, Sprint Planning and Reviews and Retrospectives. Development teams at Zappi use fairly standardised SCRUM or KANBAN containing the roles Product Owner, Developer and QA roles.

A development team member at Zappi must be able to demonstrate:

- Openness and honesty in terms of technology, estimation and personal capability

- Willingness to ask for or offer help when help is needed proactively

- Desire to work in an environment which is friendly and comfortable for a very diverse group of people

- Ability to communicate via video conference, messaging and face to face. Development teams at Zappi are often geographically distributed across multiple Zappi offices

- Ability to self-manage in an organisation with a high degree of autonomy

- Willingness to share knowledge in order to allow the team to grow as a whole or Zappi as a whole

- Understanding of the importance of good administration and proper uses of team tools like GitHub, Jira and CI tools

You will be working with a modern, diverse and evolving technology stack, you should be able to demonstrate knowledge and experience relevant to:

- Ruby on Rails REST and GraphQL APIs and other languages

- React, Redux, Apollo Client

- MySQL and Postgres databases

- Kubernetes on AWS along with many other AWS Services

- Integrations with 3rd party API’s

Zappi developers operate in a busy, fast moving environment while continuously striving for improvements in quality. Engineering skills which are important to a Zappi developer are:

- Writing well designed, efficient and fully tested code which is easy to maintain. TDD is preferred

- Architectural understanding of multi-service, multi-tier distributed applications

- Debugging and diagnostic skills using data from multiple sources

- Designing and working with SQL databases in production environments

- Strong desire to learn about new platform features, technology and programming languages

- Ability to consider multiple solutions and communicate the risks and advantages of each way.

Your prospective team will be able to share the details around the content of what they work on

If you believe in quality, maintainability, testing, design/architecture, you might be the right developer for us


Desirable skills and experience

  • Has a real passion for Architecture and Design
  • Writes blogs, attends conferences on the subject of software development, or is involved in the wider software community
  • “Polyglot” or accepts the challenge of embracing new languages and frameworks
  • Has developed using BDD or has the knowledge and interest for proposing new testing ideas
  • Knowledge about microservices architecture


  • Competitive pay scales benchmarked annually
  • Unlimited holidays - this is not a trap! We expect and encourage people to take plenty of leave
  • Work in a way that suits your lifestyle with flexible working and travel arrangements to/from work
  • Open Plan Office with stocked snacks, fruit, beers & cool-drinks
  • Nice working setup (Macbook Pro + Hi Res Screen or 2 monitors + Keyboard + Mouse + Stand etc) - i.e. get what you ask for to make you productive
  • Support setting up your home office, if appropriate (chair + desk, etc)
  • Free Yoga
  • Paid 24h secure parking
Zappi is a SaaS company that is aimed at completely transforming the market research industry. Zappi is a platform that integrates world class research methodologies and engineering to allow brands to run consumer testing through all stages of advertising and innovation development. We are constantly innovating and tackling diverse and complex problems using a multitude of technologies in order to scale expertise and create the world’s most powerful enterprise research platform thereby making the world of insights even better. We have created an environment that fosters constant learning and innovating and we believe in having ambitious goals. We are data scientists, developers, researchers, analysts, designers, engineers, and marketers all driven by the notion of trying to make the impossible possible. To realise our vision we are constantly in search of people who will bring a different perspective, who will challenge our thinking, create value for our customers and apply themselves passionately to our vision and culture.