Software Development Officer

Annual base salary (This could vary from candidate to candidate)

We are looking for ICT Officer who is passionate about the leveraging ICT in addressing human rights issues, with a proven track record of success in Web design, Mobile App development, Content Creation, Cloud Host maintenance, data protection and cyber security.  An energetic, flexible, collaborative, and proactive person; a team leader who can positively and proactively drive both strategic and tactical initiatives to promote human rights in Nigeria.

Key Responsibilities

  • System maintenance
  • Installation and maintenance of software
  • Update organization’s websites
  • Maintain and Update Mobile App
  • Facilitate the creation of tech tools on human rights
  • Develop better ways to manage computer related issues like virus, internet connectivity, synchronization, back up, etc
  • Carry out Research as assigned
  • Developing a fantastic tech culture with a good reputation.
  • Ensuring data protection and cyber security
  • Create a high performance, innovative, collaborative, continuous learning and improving technology culture in the organization.
  • Identify competitive advantages and technological trends for the benefit of the organization
Devatop Centre for Africa Development is a human rights organization with focus on using ICT tools to tackle human trafficking, gender-based violence and other human rights abuses. DEVATOP operates TALKAM Human Rights App ( DEVATOP is located in Abuja, Nigeria