Software Engineer in Test

Who we are

At Ona, we don't just strive for diversity, we thrive on it. For Ona, diversity has been a spring board for creativity, innovation, and growth. We are committed to giving equal opportunities to employees and applicants regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, color, nationality, age, marital status, or pregnancy status.

We're looking for software engineers in test who want to build and maintain a system to keep our code bases well tested and maintained. Our team has worked on projects that record the social infrastructure of entire countries, tally the winners of national elections, and reduce infant mortality. We build software that solves real problems and you will too (

Key role and responsibilities

  • Checkout and test development & release branches, pair with engineers and product managers as necessary to understand the issues they are closing
  • Participate in code reviews while overseeing unit and functional tests written by engineers with the ability to recommend the extension of tests as necessary to improve coverage
  • Advise and lead on efforts around test code refactors
  • Identify opportunities for automation and automate where necessary. Write integration tests for project codebase
  • Research and recommend tools for the team to use for integration and E2E testing.
  • Manage the build/CI/test environment to ensure tests are run accurately and quickly.
  • Create releases with changelogs and verify they are production-ready and assist in deploying production releases
  • Lead and be an advocate for testing and quality within our team

Key requirements


  • Experience writing production code. Experience writing automated tests.
  • Experience testing and releasing production code.
  • Strong attention to detail and understanding of root cause analysis and bug triage.
  • Experience in mobile testing.
  • Great communication skills with the ability to clearly articulate issues and highlight possible risks.
  • Passionate about automated testing and keeps up with testing trends


  • Experience with varied automation test tools such as RestAssured as well as code analysis tools.
  • Experience testing within an agile environment.

To apply

Please send the following:

 Note describing why you are interested in working at Ona.

  • Resume.
  • Examples of your work. Link to your GitHub page, projects you've completed, or your website.
  • (Bonus points) Build something cool using our API, or extend some software we've written.
Ona is a social enterprise technology company based in Nairobi, Kenya and New York dedicated to developing open source solutions to promote the smarter use of data. We believe technology is a springboard to transform international development, allowing organizations to use data to overcome the greatest challenges and identify the best opportunities.