Software Engineer

Summary of Position

We are looking for a software engineer with strong backend capabilities who fully identifies with our mission, wants to develop excellent products for low-resource languages, and who has the potential to be a long-term core member of the team. This is a full-time position with a 3-month probation, and will report directly to the CEO. 


  • Compensation will be set at your fair market wage benchmarked using, and will be paid in a combination of cash and equity: (i) cash component of $2,000/month, (ii) equity component valued at the remainder of your fair market wage, following an employee stock option model called Slicing the Pie.
  • Flexible leave policy and work-hours.
  • Eligible to receive performance bonuses at the end of the year.
  • You may work remotely or in our offices in Cape Town when they are re-opened.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • You will be an early employee of the company, and your character will shape Uliza.
  • Develop and maintain Uliza’s crowd-work app.
  • Integrate R&D projects in NLP and ASR software for low-resource languages with our app.
  • Develop automated communication services, including IVR & SMS using Telerivet’s API.
  • Develop scripts that make our work more scalable, such as automating quality checks.
  • You will work closely with the CEO to manage other operational requirements, including designing new projects and hiring additional personnel as the company grows.

Ideal Qualifications

  • You are a strong backend developer who has experience making decisions about system architecture and has some experience with frontend design.
  • Experience programming in and utilizing one or more of these languages and frameworks: Python, JavaScript, PHP, Node, Django, Laravel, PostgreSQL, React, Vue.
  • Experience working with cloud systems; builds, deployments, configurations, monitoring, etc. Prior work with AWS is a plus.
  • Good at understanding the needs of our clients and will independently find solutions.
  • Experience analysing, cleaning, and presenting data. Prior work with Python Pandas a plus.
  • You want to work in a startup environment where your decision-making and grit matter.
Uliza takes digital services into African and Asian languages, and makes them accessible by voice. We do this by providing advanced localization services for international organizations that want their content and services in many languages. We use our crowd-work platform, 2,000+ translators speaking 200+ dialects, and in-house software developed to deliver and analyse language data. Our mission is to make access to information and services equal for everyone, in their own language, in text and voice. We are an early-stage startup registered as an LLC in the United States.