Technical Product Owner- Infrastructure

This is a special and exciting new area for our team. This role brings together skills and experience from site reliability engineers, developers, and product ownership. The end goal is to build software to make it easy for our large partners to host CHT apps locally.We have a lot of experience hosting CHT apps and with the growing scale of our deployments, we want to provide better tooling for nation-wide systems to be hosted and operated locally and with local staff. The opportunity for impact is huge. With this technical product owner role you will be the leader and glue that brings a talented group of people together to have a big impact on our mission.You'll lead a group of engineers doing great stuff. Your group will talk with users, understand how those people do their work, and find and develop improvements that make a measurable impact. A big part of your work is keeping that happening every day.Beyond keeping the team humming along, this is also a technical role. Expect to jump into technical bits, which may be writing some code to try out an API, creating a docker image to simplify setup for others, or even writing a bit of code along with engineers to get things done.Succeeding in this role includes the following kinds of activities:

  • Keep the group highly engaged for the full process (user interviews all the way through to measuring impact).
  • Advocate for successful product features using storytelling and metrics.
  • Work with teammates and wider community to make improvements known and put into use.
  • Schedule meetings for the group and ensure the process works for a fully distributed team.
  • Serve as the primary teammate for measurement and analysis of outputs and outcomes.
  • Keep teammates motivated and focused on actionable metrics.
  • Provide transparency to Medic and the community of the process, outputs, and outcomes of the group.
  • Investigate areas of technical relevance within the Digital Health Ecosystem.
  • Try out software and write up instructions/docs to help our community sustainably succeed.
  • Understand and improve how technical systems work.
  • Consider complexity costs when approaching technical solutions.
  • Understanding both Medic and partner system architectures (software, hardware, networks, etc) and working with the team to ensure CHT apps run well in such environments.
  • When we have deadline-dependent work, ensure it receives proper attention.
  • Keeping the internal support work organized - As we build more tools and build up more capacity in this area there will be less and less of this, but for now this is still an important responsibility for the team.

We're a relatively small team too so we're happy to incorporate your skills into how we do things to succeed as a group. If desired, that could involve you trying out technical options to see what works or even getting in on parts of the coding and technical solution design.

Key Responsibilities

  • Engage teammates in our process.
  • Talk with users in our space to understand what they need.
  • Collaborate with health programs, partners, and members of the digital health ecosystem to get solutions into use.
  • Understand the CHT and how it fits into the larger digital health ecosystem.
  • Support teammates and the larger community through the forum, video, chat, etc.

Skills, Knowledge and Expertise

  • Extremely organized
  • Empathetic motivator
  • Relationship builder
  • Flexible
  • Driven by outcomes
  • Understanding of Linux operating systems
  • Aware of computer networking concepts
  • Understanding of software development
  • Technical enough to understand other systems and follow instructions to boot things up and try them out
Medic is a global nonprofit organization with a mission to advance equitable healthcare and strengthen community health systems by building, innovating, applying, and scaling open-source, low-cost digital health tools in collaboration with communities, governments, and implementers.