UI-UX Web Developer

We are looking for young talented UI/UX Web nerds with 1-3 yrs experience. Our stack is built

on the microservices architecture using Spring Framework, though legacy components exist.

Our front-end is based on the vue.js framework.

There’ll be plenty to learn and challenge you! Hope you are up to it!

Developers of a cloud-based loan management system designed to make end-to-end automation of lending business both on mobile and web. The company's system offers a wide variety of loan products and lending categories that includes microfinance, cloud lending, peer-to-peer lending, and e-Guarantorship enabling customers to receive flexible loans as per their requirement. It all began in 2017 with a vision to evangelize a fundamentally new e-lending approach – The Mobile and Web Lending Management Platform. One where companies of all sizes can offer financing to their clients as quickly as a snap with technology that is as easy to use, intelligent, automated, responsive and reliable. Is a business model that would challenge the legacy lending-business approach, shifting the focus to automate lending and delivering financing at any point in a business ecosystem when, where and how customers need it. Over the years, Presta has become the leading advocate for mobile lending automation, providing the only platform that automates not only all-digital lending operations but also all digital lending decisions at every stage of the loan life cycle in real-time for any business. Derived from our unstoppable product innovation and relentless commitment to customer success, Presta is proud to be constantly delivering on its commitment to making digital-lending processes truly efficient to clients — in a climate where this is more important than ever. In the 2020 crisis, Presta is proving its leadership in automated financing technology, allowing business owners and cooperatives to weave autonomous crediting capabilities into their operations. Digital loan origination, Digital guarantorship, loan servicing, debt collection, reporting, compliance; all that and more is now covered in an all-in-one solution.