Back End Developer

Our development team is looking for a Back End Developer to join us in Nairobi, Kenya.

As a Back End Developer you’ll take part in the design and development of software for the current and next generation of our E-commerce and internal operations systems. 

In this role, you’ll be developing highly complex applications with a team goal of streamlining business operations and improving overall user experience. 

The ideal candidate is a self-starter with a strong desire to increase efficiencies, and make an impact while contributing to a cross-functional team. And must have the ability to creatively collaborate and execute team goals.

You’ll be challenged to design security focused apps with a prioritization on availability and scalability.


  1. Optimize our APIs
  2. Document our APIs using OpenAPI (Swagger).
  3. Code refactoring and optimization.
  4. Perform overall system health checks.
  5. Define deployment best practices
  6. Strengthen our authentication.
  7. Design new cloud backend Infrastructure.
  8. Database optimization and administration
  9. Implement CI/CD best practices (Github Actions)
  10. Implement new features using a microservice architecture.
  11. Implement message queuing services (RabbitMq, etc)
  12. Third party system integrations and payment gateways. (Paypal, Google Maps)

Required Qualifications

  1. A spirit of collaboration and transparent communication
  2. Advanced Knowledge of PHP and Laravel Framework
  3. Strong software design and development skills
  4. Knowledge and understanding of Microservice architecture patterns
  5. API development and design
  6. Comfortable with data structures and algorithms
  7. Strong understanding of Git version control, and best practices.
  8. Experience using collaboration tools (JIRA, Slack, Google Drive)
  9. Mysql and Database management and design
  10. Knowledge of Node js and Python
  11. Linux administration and server configuration
  12. Strong understanding of security best practices
  13. Automated testing.
  14. Containerization & orchestration (Docker, AWS ECS)
  15. Cloud deployments (AWS)
  16. Knowledge of process automation techniques
  17. Knowledge of caching techniques
  18. Knowledge of infrastructure configuration tools (Terraform, Ansible)
  19. Knowledge of popular third party services
  20. Authentication (AWS Cognito/Auth0, Social Login)
  21. Payments (M-Pesa, Stripe, Paypal), PCI Compliance
  22. Google (Maps, Captcha, other various Google Cloud services)
  23. Skills developing packages and tools for internal use (like CLIs for scaffolding repos, etc)
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