Business Controller

Reporting daily /weekly / monthly to the financial controller on Business lines performance, MIS, Business KPI’s and any risk associated

The Business controller will work on the operation control, budgeting function along with analysis and recommendation to the senior management.


·        Support the sales /operation team to achieve their daily/ weekly / monthly targets from both quantitative and qualitative prospective ensuring turn over /revenue / net profit taregts are met.

·        Daily support team of client finance/ operation team

·        Daily assist Team in logistic /warehousing / stock movement along with co ordination with finance and logistic teams.

·        Daily / Weekly / Monthly /Quarterly and Monthly business reports

·        Implement and work with a Business Intelligence Tool and Dashboard reports

·        Ensure that operation is preform as per budgeted / forecasted plan.

·        Support business mangers to evaluate the performance of the team / structuring the bonus scheme.

·        Analyze complex information and reports to provide accurate and timely business reporting

·        Support the finance team in conducting periodic internal / external audit.

·        Along with internal audit department plan audit schedule over the year.

·        Creation of business control dash board in way that it monitor all business activities and KPI’s

·        Prepare presentations to Senior Management Team.


  • Daily, weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, annual business reports.
  • Weekly reports, and business analysis.
  • Budget (annual), Forecast (Monthly /Quarterly).
  • Team Evaluation and Division KPI’s.


  • Engineering degree in statistic or relevent field
  • Good knowledge in crypto exchange and finance
  • Good knowledge in Business Intelligence
  • 3+ years’ experience as business controller
  • Advanced Microsoft tools, ERP and CRM
  • Highest standards of accuracy and precision; highly organized.
  • Articulate with excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to think creatively, out of the box, highly-driven and self-motivated

About Centurion & Co

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