Business Operations Associate

Duplo is a Lagos-based fintech startup that enables businesses in Africa to digitize their receivables and payables, reduce time-to-cash, lower transaction costs, and generate more revenue from their business customers.

We want to make B2B payments as simple as P2P payment apps. Most business payments in Africa are made offline….yikes. We are on a mission to transform this.

We are backed by top investors including Liquid2 Ventures, My Asia VC, Soma Capital, YCombintaor, Oui Capital, and others.

This is a unique opportunity. You'll have the responsibility and resources to take a significant part in the creation of a paradigm-changing product that will impact millions.

We’re hiring a Business Operations Associate to join our growing team and drive impact across our company.

This individual will play a key role within the Duplo ecosystem: helping enable and increase the overall output of Duplo and its clients. 

As a Business Operations Associate, you will help the team deliver on each of its responsibilities, including by:

  • Supporting the operationalization and oversight of strategic partner relationships;
  • Managing the setup and delivery of client product configurations;
  • Helping optimize our operational processes; and
  • Executing strategic projects in support of Operations and other duplo teams;


  • You have experience working in fast-moving environments
  • You’re a quick learner and are energized by challenges 
  • You like building things and finding ways to improve existing ones
  • You are enthusiastic about fintech and creating the future of financial infrastructure
Duplo is an embedded payments product for B2B businesses in Africa. We provide APIs and user interfaces, businesses can use to collect and attribute payments.