Enterprise Architect

The enterprise architect serves as the bridge between products and engineering. You have a deep understanding of the products and deep understanding of the engineering of that product. You are able to connect all the dots required to deliver an efficiently engineered application. You see the application today and envision what the application will be in the future; and engineer the application to be easily extensible, maintainable and can easily evolve to accommodate product changes.


  • Translates product requirements into architectural documents and diagrams.
  • Maintains architectural documents and ensures it is always updated to reflect the current state of the application.
  • Makes architectural decisions with respect to any feature that’s to be added to an application.
  • Ensures that the architectural direction of an application is in line with the strategic direction of the product.
  • Performs code reviews and ensures efficient code engineering.
  • Ensures applications are implemented using software engineering best practices.
  • Responsible for the stability and reliability of products under his/her purview.
  • Creates and enforces processes that improves developer efficiency and productivity.
  • Participates in the screening of engineers for hire.
  • Provides mentorship for young engineers.


  • Proven experience as a software architect.
  • Experience in software development and coding in various languages (C#, .NET, Java etc.)
  • Excellent knowledge of software and application design and architecture.
  • Excellent knowledge of UML and other modelling methods.
  • Familiarity with HTML/CSS, JavaScript and UI/UX design.
  • Understanding of software quality assurance principles.
  • A technical mindset with great attention to detail.
  • High quality organizational and leadership skills.
  • Outstanding communication and presentation abilities.
  • Minimum of post secondary school qualification/diploma.
Aptians build products that solve problems and create value. Value to us means delivering faster, cheaper and easier solutions for our customers. To us, Clarity, Context and Proper Execution are key. Being an Aptian means you are a key part of our core mission of creating financial happiness for people and businesses. Our solutions revolve around helping customers pay, collect, manage and grow money. These customers highly depend on our solutions which means a lot is expected of you to build products the right way At TeamApt, we work in small cross-functional teams, each member is a leader in their own right and is given the authority to make decisions with a no-holds-barred creative approach towards problem-solving. This pattern has helped us as a company make huge strides and great impact within a short period.