Frontend Developer

Job Description

We are seeking a skillful Frontend Developer who implements software of various types in line with the companys goals. You will be working to enhance the Payments and Commerce products to bring additional value and better customer experience to our customers. You must have at least 2 years of cumulative experience and have a strong portfolio of previous work. You may apply if you do not have the required experience but have the required skills. Responsibilities *Create, test and deploy functional working pages/modules on our business portal using Microsoft.NET development stack.

*Consume and publish Restful apis to used across micro-services, web and mobile applications.

* Utilize event based communication between micro-services.

Must have professional attributes

* Has in depth knowledge of frontend UI/UX implementations.

* Able to transform plain html pages into functional pages using OOP methods.

* Has knowledge of microservices.

* Has knowledge on Restful apis.

* Has knowledge of Sql.

* Has knowledge of agile development processes.

* Team player with good working ethics.

* Ability to work with little or no supervision within a team to achieve various company objectives.

* Excellent problem-solving, research and debugging skills.


* MVC / Razorpages, Html, CSS, Javascript, Jquery or Vue.js

* Entity Framework

* OOP programming language

* .Net Framework

* .Net Core

* C#

* Linq

* Knowledge of any database management systems.

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