Head of HR

We are looking for an experienced Head of Human Resource to ensure that all human resources (HR) operations are carried on smoothly and effectively. You will be responsible for developing HR strategies and providing sound advice to senior management on all related subjects.

the HR Head must be an experienced professional with deep knowledge of all matters concerning HR departments. You should be able to manage programs and lead staff while also possessing a strong strategic mindset.

The goal is to ensure that all HR needs of the company are being met and are aligned with all business objectives.

Responsibilities are:

  • Developing corporate strategy and plans for a variety of HR matters such as compensation, benefits, health and safety and lead on agreements with outsourcing companies
  • Acting to support the human factor in the company by devising strategies for performance evaluation, staffing, training and development etc.
  • Overseeing all HR initiatives, systems and tactics
  • Overseeing the work of HR personnel and provide guidance
  • Serving as the point of contact for employment relations and communicate with labor unions
  • Monitoring adherence to internal policies and legal standards
  • Dealing with grievances and violations invoking disciplinary action when required

Requirements are:

  • 10+ years experience as an HR professional
  • Knowledge of the labour laws and screening
  • Great leadership skills
  • Effective communication skills
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