Senior .Net Engineer

You will be working alongside a great, approachable team, developing projects from concept to deployed product.

Your focus will be writing quality software using standard object-orientated and SOLID development principles.

You will assist with testing, peer-reviewing & documentation, as well as setting up and maintaining CI/CD pipelines to deliver projects to production.

You will assist with architectural planning and implementation, as well as ensuring adherence to GK standards and practices, while being an example of those best practices.

Technical Requirements:

  • 7 - 10 years experience in application, API, and Solution development using Microsoft technology stack and services.
  • Extensive experience in C#, .Net Core, .Net Standard and .Net Framework. ASP.Net & MVC and SQL Server.
  • Extensive experience in most internet technologies, for example JSON, RESTful APIs, SOAP, XML, CSS and HTML.
  • Extensive experience in and understanding of Patterns and Practices, SOLID, and of OOP and related implementation concepts.
  • Extensive experience with Unit Testing.
  • Extensive experience with source control management using Git.
  • Extensive experience in cloud solutions & micro-services architecture.
  • Extensive experience in security technology implementations and best practices.
  • Exposure to Front end development and User interface Design
  • Understanding of Web Technologies and JavaScript Frameworks


  • Experience with WPF, XAML
  • Experience using TDD
  • Experience with ArcGIS or similar GIS solutions

Non-Technical Requirements:

  • Excellent oral, interpersonal, and written communications skills.
  • Have a no-compromise attitude to quality.
  • High attention to detail.
  • Knowledge of SDLC and QA methodologies.
  • Experience with agile and scrum processes.
  • Strong customer focus, excellent problem solving, and analytical skills as well as ability to resolve conflicts between project stakeholders.
  • Highly adaptive & able to handle changing technological, team or office environments.
  • Strong ability to collaborate with team members on the proposal, design and integration of solutions to business.
  • Strong ability to mentor and assist other developers and testers.
Global Kinetic is a premium software engineering business with experience and expertise in Enterprise Grade software engineering and digital transformation projects. Trusted across multiple industries globally, and with deep expertise in Banking and FinTech, Global Kinetic has delivered unique and innovative solutions to complex software problems for nearly 20 years. It's easy to make an app or a piece of software, if you have money it can be done. But what if you could make something that people really wanted, something people needed, something that really makes a difference in their lives? At Global Kinetic, we have dreams and values to create products that really resonate with your target audience. Working either on stand-alone projects, or with your development team, our goal is to ensure that you get the best possible quality and delivery for your money, and to seamlessly integrate with your processes and people for a good all-round experience. We are experts in developing enterprise cloud based solutions. We are also experts in .NET, Java and multiple front end and mobile technologies. We have extensive experience in SCRUM and Agile, DevOps, near-zero defect software delivery, QA Automation, Digital Transformation.