Software Developer

The aim of the project is to incorporate game-changing technology for subsurface analysis and
interpretation. The tasks include creating software modules and coding plug-ins to useable
application platform.
Ideal candidate should have strong object-oriented design and coding skills including logical
problem-solving skills. He / she is expected to be well firmed in the following
✓ Microsoft Visual C++ and the MFC framework
✓ Microsoft’s Visual Studio, TFS Source Control
✓ Experience in Agile and/or SCRUM methodologies
✓ Microsoft Unit testing Framework for C++ in Visual Studio
✓ Geophysical applications in the Oil and Gas industry
✓ Familiarity with industry standard file formats such as SEG-Y and .las
✓ Microsoft C# / .NET and the WPF framework
✓ Python
✓ Java / Eclipse
✓ OpenGL
✓ CUDA and GPU programming
✓ Windows network programming (TCP/UDP)
✓ Multi-threaded programming
✓ Web programming (ASP/.Net)
✓ Bug tracking and reporting.

GCube ISL was established to provide world-class geo-solutions to the highly technical and complex challenges the petroleum industry is faced with today. Our mission is to turn ideas into advanced successes through a blend of proven expertise, all-inclusive approaches, and a focus on optimisation. Our strategy is to offer international best and cost-effective services to our highly esteemed clients. The company is 100% indigenous and has highly skilled professionals – geoscientists, business leaders and energy experts of over 78 years combined experience and are uniquely qualified to lead the development and innovation in the oil and gas industry. GCube expertise covers reservoir geophysics and geology; reservoir geomechanics, pre-drill pore pressure prediction studies, wellbore stability forecasting, realtime pore pressure monitoring, petrophysical analysis, AVO and seismic inversion studies for prospect evaluation and reservoir characterisation for finding reserves and successful well placement. GCube is at the forefront of research and development and currently championing the deployment of data science; artificial intelligence; machine learning to learn action sequences of the reservoirs and run computer simulations to predict and explore outcomes of oil drilling techniques in a non-expensive simulation rather than physical simulation. GCube also leverage on machine learning to scan well logs for potential overlooked pay.