Solutions Engineer

We are looking for a Solutions Engineer to join Root’s Delivery team.

What you'll do:

In this role, you will be designing and implementing customer product solutions on Root and support them throughout the process. You will own these core responsibilities:

Core responsibilities

Solutions delivery

Effectively conceptualise and solve solutions using the Root-rails.

Set up product modules within the customer engagement process for quick customer integration. Ensure that customers experience a seamless and error-free product set-up.

Client onboardings and product launches are project-managed effectively.

Document the processes on how to effectively launch new customers and products clearly.

Ensure we build useful guides and materials to assist client onboarding and training.

Customer issues and pain-points are presumptively identified and solved.

Continuously innovate on our launching process.

Document business and product insights from customers for internal awareness and knowledge share.

Able to load products onto Root with low dependency on the broader Root team.

Customer experience

Establish partnerships of confidence and competency with our customers.

Maintain clear, quick communication and feedback with the customer throughout the process.

Support the customer with the product to ensure an easy and effective experience with Root.

We are looking for someone with:

You will be designing and implementing their product solution on Root and support them throughout the process. Core requirements to perform responsibilities:

Bachelor's degree

4+ years professional work experience - preferably as an Engineer, Business Analyst or Product Owner.

Experience working with customers to capture and define requirements.

Able to collaborate with customers to capture, guide and define business requirements.

Experience translating business requirements into a working solution.

Able to rapidly prototype and test a solution to a problem.

Able to clearly articulate complex problems and solutions to both a technical and non-technical audience.

Able to write basic business logic in JavaScript.

Good understanding of basic data models (e.g. the purpose of primary keys).

Good understanding of APIs and software integration (familiar with web-services/HTTP and SFTP).

Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Strong interpersonal skills and able to build trust in relationships with others.

Bonus points/nice to have:

Knowledge/interest in the insurance industry.

Project management experience

To view the full job spec and apply for this role, please visit our careers page

Root was founded in 2016 by Louw Hopley and Malan Joubert. With the belief that software developers are the creators of the future, we wanted to find a way to remove obstacles faced when solving real world problems in the financial services industry. We started by launching programmable bank accounts and cards, later extending Root to include easy to use insurance APIs. We’re just getting started.