Technical Support

Job description

1. Responsible for Data analysis and problem analysis of payment channel.

2. Deal with and respond to business problems, cooperate with customer service team to solve problems in time.

3. Collect requirements, collect suggestions and optimize products.

4. Coordinate and promote the problem-solving of each department, and optimize the work flow of each department.

5. Follow up channel problems and contact channel supplier to locate and solve problems.

6. Timely respond to Shenzhen team issues and report the progress of problems.


1. Can understand code and analysis log.

2. Sound logical thinking ability and self-study ability.

3. Positive and responsible work attitude.

4. Good communication Skills and coordination ability.

5. Able to respond and cooperate with all departments on time.

6. Able to work extra hours when required.


1. Bachelor's degree or above in computer science or related discipline.

2. 1-5 years work experience preferably in the Fintech industry.

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