User Researcher

Job description

We are looking for a motivated and insightful user researcher based in Ghana who will work closely with overseas project team. The user researcher will help us create useful, usable and delightful mobile/web products for users and inspire improvement at all stages of product development by delivering compelling insights based on user research findings

Collaborating closely with overseas teams to organize and execute user research both online and offline, recording survey processes, collecting and analyzing research data / study results;

Ÿ Building and maintaining respondent recruitment channels, engaging targeted respondents in structured surveys;

Ÿ Monitoring competitive market dynamics, conducting benchmark studies and competitive analysis on a regular basis;

Ÿ Monitoring online and offline public opinions towards products and reporting to overseas teams on a regular basis.

Ÿ Sometimes work on very broadly defined, loose concepts, and sometimes on narrowly defined, tactical features

Ÿ Work in a highly collaborative fashion with design, product, operation and marketing teams


Ÿ A desire to keep pushing your work until all details are attended to;

Ÿ Fluency in English;

Ÿ Proficiency in Microsoft Office;

Ÿ Excellent communication skill, strong capability of observing and analyzing, strong time management skill, proactive, responsible, and team spirit.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Human Factors Engineering, Computer Science or relevant field;

1+ years’ work experience in user research or market research, preferable with exposure in mobile/web product;

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