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At Strove, we believe that any company is only as healthy as its people. Our mission? To build stronger and healthier businesses by helping them to harness the full productivity of their people. The science is clear, organisations that put their people first and prioritize their mental and physical wellbeing cut absenteeism, increase retention and boost productivity. By utilising the Strove platform, company leaders gain invaluable real-time insights into the physical and mental health of their workforce while also being able to measure employee engagement. Employees gain use of the Strove platform to track their workout data, daily steps, meditation sessions and sleep and are rewarded for doing so. Individual and group challenges, leaderboards, and social features drive daily engagement and provide that little bit of extra motivation while the Strove learning portal provides easily digestible wellbeing content. Inspiring sustainable behavioural change is a team effort. Join us on our mission!